Chiropractic Spinal Disc Syndrome Treatment:

The Doctors of Connecticut Family Chiropractic are experts at treating Spinal Disc Syndrome. This ailment can affect any and all areas of the spine. The spine has four distinct and separate areas. The Cervical Spine is the ‘neck area’. In the Cervical Spine, there are 7 separate Cervical Vertebrae or Spinal Bones. The Cervical Discs are numbered C2- C7. That means there are only 6 Cervical Spinal Discs.
The Thoracic area of the Spine goes from the top of the back (just under the neck), down to the bottom of the back of the rib cage. The Thoracic Spine is the longest part of the Spine with 12 separate spinal vertebrae. There are 12 Thoracic Spinal Discs. The Lumbar area of the Spine goes from the bottom of the Thoracic Spine to the top of the pelvic bones, near the belt line. There are five separate Lumbar Vertebrae and five separate Lumbar Discs. Each type of Spinal Disc is very similar in many ways and also different in many ways. The basic similarities are that each disc is basically a ligament-like material called ‘Annulus Fibrosis’ that is wound up like a ball of string. The resulting disc, is attached or actually woven to the vertebrae or spinal bones on either side of it. Therefore, understand that discs do not slip! Instead, discs can bulge or push out and occupy more space when they are older or degenerated or injured. Inside of each disc is a jelly-like center known as ‘Nucleus Pulposus’. When a disc ‘Herniates’, the Nucleus material oozes through the Annular ligament and breaks through the outer surface of the disc.
Depending upon where the Nucleus breaks through, there are different symptoms and pain patterns that one could experience. If the Nuclear material touches a Spinal Nerve, then the result is usually intense or severe pain that likely will radiate into the buttock and perhaps down the leg to the thigh, knee, calf and foot. This is otherwise known as ‘Sciatica’. There are many other causes of Sciatica. Your Doctor at Connecticut Family Chiropractic is trained especially to recognize, test for and diagnose the exact cause of your Sciatic and or other type of Spinal Disc pain.
If there is no complete Herniation and the Disc material has not escaped the outer margins of the Annular ligament part of the disc, then the pain may or may not become Sciatic pain. This pain may only radiate to the buttock or remain localized within the area of the back only.
Spinal Disc pain is usually very troublesome. There are many ways to treat the varied conditions known as Spinal Disc pain. This may range from Chiropractic Treatment, Physical Therapy, Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy, Spinal Injections and Surgery. Connecticut Family Chiropractic offers a wide range of treatments including, Gentle Chiropractic Adjustments, Gentle and Relaxing Spinal Decompression treatments, Physical and Physiotherapeutic treatments including Moist Heat, Deep Heating and Soothing Ultrasound Treatments, Electromuscle Stimulation Therapy, Rehabilitative Exercise and Core Stabilization Therapy. We believe that patients should first receive the very best available conservative care before commencing with any less conservative treatments like spinal injections or surgery. Most other Doctors would agree as well, it is best to use the most conservative and less invasive treatments available to start. It is our experience here at Connecticut Family Chiropractic that the vast majority of cases are able to be treated successfully with the conservative care that we offer.

The first step to proper treatment of any condition is a proper examination, correct imaging including X-Ray analysis, MRI examination, CT examination or other imaging methods. The Doctors of Connecticut Family Chiropractic have treated over 10,000 patients in the Greater Danbury area for Spinal Disc Pain or other similar pain related Spinal Syndrome’s. They work with and frequently accept referrals from other area experts in Orthopedics and Neurology and Neurosurgery physicians.
The final step to proper treatment of any condition is to understand what caused the problem in the first place. Often, this is not easily evident. Our Chiropractic Physicians will work to find the cause of the problem and help their patients understand how to prevent this from coming back again! Often our patients return for check-ups or other conditions only to find out that the disc is better than ever, healed and healthy once again!

Given this level of expertise and state of the art facility, The Physicians’ at Connecticut Family Chiropractic are ready to meet your needs and help you start and complete your journey back to optimal health!

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